As a Homeowner we feel you should know some of these things about the Maintenance and Repairs of your Home.

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  • Pressure/Power Washing in Florida, should be done every nine months to a year. Due to such high humidity in our state mold has a rapid growth rate which can have a variety of affects such as: damage to your home. Especially with wood sidings. Allergies to flare up and sometimes is even the cause for people getting sick. If you hire a professional to Pressure/Power Wash your home. Be sure to ask if they use mildicide treatment as well. this is very important. simply Pressure/Power Washing a home does not kill the mold and mildew. It must be mildicided. Pressure/Power Washing your home routinely also extends the quality of your homes paint. If you have recently had your home Painted. it is highly recommended to Pressure/Power Wash your home every nine months to a year.


  • When the time comes and a home has rotted wood in need of being replacex, it is vital that the new wood being installed is Primed first. Some wood claims to be pre-primed from the factory. With over 20 of experience, we find that this is not sufficient. Primer seals the wood and protects it from the elements. Not only that but, it also fills in the pores and allows the paint to better adhere to the wood. When replacing the siding such as T1-11 it is also important to make sure the contractor primes not only the front of the siding, but also a few feet from the bottom up on either side. If you examine a home with wood rotted siding. You'll find the rotting almost always starts from the bottom. this is due to rain splashing up off the ground and getting behind the wood. putting primer a few feet up on the inside of the siding further extends the lifespan of your new siding tremendously. 


  • Gardening is a big commitment to some homeowners. Some people spend hours a day planting and maintaining gardens. When you have a painting company come to paint your homes exterior. We urge you to make sure that they do not wrap your plants or gardens in plastic to protect them. a simple drop cloth will do. Wrapping a plant in plastic, especially with our summers heat, will undoubtedly kill your plant. the suns heat gets trapped and magnified by the plastic essentially baking the plant. By the time the plastic comes off your plants will be browned to blackened, shriveled and dead. Just keep an eye out for this when your home is being painted.


  • Concrete walk-ways, driveways and pool decks. If you, the homeowner, decides to get any of these painted and sealed be sure to verify with the contractor that a non-slip additive has been added to the paints/stains. Otherwise when the deck, driveway or walk-ways are wet they will be extremely slippery and can cause serious harm to anyone trying to walk on them.