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Your driveway collects a coat of dirt, dust, lawn material and other debris during the span of each year. Over time this debris can build up and accumulate resulting in that patchy dirty look on pavement, siding, drywall and many other surfaces. Having your home pressured washed once a year can reduce buildup of these harmful debris and restore vitality and youth to your residential Fleming Island and Orange park homes. Otherwise it may build up for too long and in the worst case scenarios if too much dirt accumulates you could end up having to pay for costly replacement materials, or bleaching.

Call us today and find out our amazing pressure washing deals in an area near you so your home can experience the Lorusso difference and look as clean as the day you bought it.


Our pressurized process

A very Important step in ensuring your home is not only clean but protected from the elements of nature is Mildiciding. When we begin our process of Pressure washing your home, first we soak your plants, grass, glass and screens with water. This is to keep them well protected from our Mildew and dirt killing Mildicide. We then spray your home or driveway in mildicide and immediately rinse off what we originally soaked in clean water. After about five minutes we come by and repeat the process. At this Point in time your home is ready to be rinsed off. You see, the magic in pressure washing actually comes from the chemicals doing the work. This allows us to keep a safe distance from your Wooden, Stucco or Coquina homes siding and windows. When it is all said and done with your Fleming Island, Orange Park or Mandarin home will look years younger!